because i have too many shifts at work, i'll try to be on more often.

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Hi!! I'm the official jokwon-anon from 2am. Would you like me to be you anon? cause i'd love to be one, now don't be shy i don't bite, much... only when it's desired. I'm a fantastical singer and a dancer as well, I know like all the girl group dances~ So hit me up and let's be friends :D

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kurii is the best
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→ So What.

So what if I like guys.

SO what if I’m gay.

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Anonymous asked: No matter what happens, there is always someone there for you. It may sound cliché but it is a true statement and you should know you are beautiful and loved even if it doesn’t seem like it. I hope you have a wonderful day! ^^

oh thank you anon~ :3 I never get anons.. or post really so this was a pleasant surprise. <3

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→ The 96th GIF from the end is how you deal with bullies not treating you right.
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→ O_O !!!!!

it says I haven’t posted in a real long time. Haiii

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→ Cinnamon challenge?


I’ll record it if I get 100+ notes. 

multiple reblogs from the same person don’t count.

everyone reblog this pleaseee :D.. I want to see it

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→ Dear korean boys:
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